Launching Startup Revolution Next Week

I’m moving all the blogging around Startup Communities to a new place starting – well – now. This will be the last post here and I’ll eventually delete this blog since everything has been moved over the the Startup Communities blog. All of your comments have already been migrated – the only fail on my part is the feed (which I couldn’t port from WordPress to FeedBurner) and anyone who subscribed by email so you’ll have to resubscribe.

The new site is part of Startup Revolution, which is the name of the series for the four books I’m currently writing.

– Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City

– Startup Life: Surviving and Thriving in a Relationship with an Entrepreneur

– Startup Boards: Reinventing the Board of Directors to Better Support the Entrepreneur

– Startup Metrics: Making Sense of the Numbers in Your Startup

I’ll be launching Startup Revolution and all the corresponding blogs next week so you can get a sneak preview of them in their non-finished state if you want some amusement.

In the meantime, thanks for being part of the community – I hope to engage with you a lot going forward.

One Comment on “Launching Startup Revolution Next Week”

  1. I’m excited to hear about the changes. While in a pre-formative startup, I look forward to your posts and the many constructive comments that follow. Continued success! Mac

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