Startup Communities Are Everywhere – Even Cardiff

I have a deeply held belief that you can create a long term Startup Community anywhere in the world. To do this, you must have leaders who have a long term view and commitment to the Startup Community. These leaders must be entrepreneurs and must commit to a 20 year view.

It makes me smile when I get emails from folks like Neil Cocker, the founder of Dizzyjam in Cardiff, Wales.

“I’ve been jealously eyeing up Boulder recently as a great model for what a small city can do to create a vibrant startup scene (I’ve been picking the brains of my old University friend Tobias Peggs of OneRiot about it), as Cardiff is three times the size of Boulder, but with almost zero startup activity to speak of.”

Tobias is a good friend of mine and and awesome guy so any friend of Tobias’ is automatically a friend of mine. Neil went on to write a great post titled Cardiff’s Startup Culture – What can we do about it?. If you read Neil’s blog, you can see the energy, passionate, commitment, and desire to create a real startup community. He’s asking all the right questions – now he’s just got to rally a half dozen entrepreneurs to go on a 20 year journey with him.

Neil – call on me any time if I can be helpful.

4 Comments on “Startup Communities Are Everywhere – Even Cardiff”

  1. Neil Cocker says:

    Thanks Brad. Honoured that you took the time to blog about my blog.

    Since I wrote that post a few positive things have happened, including the possibility of one (maybe even two!) accelerators looking to locate in the city. Still many more meetings to go, but it’s looking good.

    Had meetings with the city council, and plan to speak again to the Welsh government about how they can back our efforts.

    Going to spend next Sunday with some of the guys from Google UK, so who knows what I can persuade them to get behind…!😉

    Thanks again for your support.

    • bfeld says:

      Fantastic Neil. Definitely focus on the accelerators – that’s a big deal in terms of driving energy and focus.

    • Tony Down says:

      Hi Neil,

      I’m a practising Chartered Certified Accountant living in Cardiff. For a number of years I have focused on new start businesses helping businesses to plan strategically and help with managing their finances. I have helped many businesses through the Welsh Government Business Support Programme.

      Other counties in Wales are taking an entrepreneurial approach to helping businesses and I should be delighted to meet up with you to seek ways to help promote the CAPITAL CITY of Wales to create businesses – create wealth – create jobs – give back to the community (through taxes) – reduce crime – strengthen families – build a future!!!

      You might want to look at my blog, which is; or my website,

      I look forward to hearing from you; best catch me on my mobile as I am in Cardiff only now, and not in Newport

  2. Neil Cocker says:

    Hi Brad,

    Brief update:

    Positive responses all round from private sector & public sector alike. Meetings with head of economic development for the city was fantastic, and meeting with enterprise team of Welsh Government next week. Looking to get support (but not heavy involvement!) from them very soon.

    Got a local investor trying to pull together an accelerator/tech-investor-syndicate, too. And in conversation with a few other accelerators and co-working spaces.

    Now, if I can just get investment for Dizzyjam all will be well with the world!

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