Startup Iceland

I got an email early this morning from Bala Kamallakharan pointing me at a blog post he wrote titled Startup Communities – My open letter to Brad Feld. In it he discusses some of the things he’s working on in Iceland post financial crisis, including launching Startup Iceland.

I encourage you to go read the letter – it’s inspiring, especially against the backdrop of Iceland’s dramatic rise and fall through the world financial crisis which I recently read more about in Michael Lewis’s great book Boomerang: Travels In The New Third World.

What Bala is doing is a powerful example of “entrepreneurs leading their startup communities.” Don’t wait for government, or other “feeders” (which I’ll describe in other posts) to take the lead. Entrepreneurs must lead.

Bala – thanks for setting an example. I look forward to seeing where you take this.

9 Comments on “Startup Iceland”

  1. Thank you Brad, really appreciate your encouragement.

  2. AEggerz says:

    Hi Brad,

    I am thinking very much along the same lines as Bala about
    a) the Icelandic post-crisis problem today and
    b) start-ups and a community as the key to the solution.

    Let me also add that the still very high debt level in all three sectors (corporate/private/government) leaves new companies as only possible source attracting FDI much needed after the capital stock destruction during the crisis where risk/return distribution is balanced.

    However I think that Iceland has some additional barriers to face to make the solution work given its geo location, something I work on with a project.

    Brad, could you be interested in not only visiting Iceland but supporting an Icelandic/international idea sourcing project followed by a boot camp in Iceland in 2012? You have the right connections to help make this happen.
    You find my email in the comment form.

    Thanks and keep up your incredible work
    Arnbjörn Eggerz

    • bfeld says:

      I’d love to come to Iceland and hang out. Amy and I are doing “a month” in different cities – maybe we’ll do Iceland in 2013. There’s no way I can pull it off in 2012 but happy to help via email / skype / whatever.

  3. Neil Cocker says:

    Bala and Brad, thanks for the inspiration to finally kick myself up the butt and get the ideas down on paper that have been kicking around my head for months!

    Startups in Cardiff –

  4. really cool

    would love for Iceland to become a startup hub

  5. […] can we learn from this experience? We reached out to Brad Feld through an open letter, to which he responded right away through his new blog Startup Communities. His encouragement and acceptance to come to Iceland made […]

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